… To panto opening night!

Act the second

We open this evening. I think audiences will enjoy it; it’s funnier, better acted and directed (and mercifully shorter) than any pantomine I’ve been involved in to date. But I am becoming quite the divo; home after yesterday’s dress rehearsal I realised my too-loud ‘giant’ voice would never last for the four performances expected of us this weekend. So it was honey and hot lemon, dahling, and a vow of silence for today.

20180114_171012As director, Cerys has done a grand job. Creative and decisive, we all know where we stand and what is expected of us. God listen to me, I’m writing as if this is important. The kids are great too and I remember how, 20 years ago, the boys enjoyed taking part (Adam still acts from time to time). On the other hand, Caitlin was scarred for life.

So we have songs, slapstick and some cutting-edge satire. What more could you ask for?

Big up to the sound guys, Mark, Andy & Joe. Oh and (spoiler alert) I predict that by the end of the run, playgrounds around the country will ring to the strains of, ‘”and what sort of beans are those?” “Why they’re MAGIC beans!”‘ You’ll see what I mean if you buy a ticket from the usual sources. Oh yes you will!


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